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About us

The dental Practice of Zrinka Blazevic, doctor of dental medicine, along with the dental laboratory, is located in the city of Trilj. With the construction of the Zagreb - Split highway this area is placed close to all major tourist routes, so it will take you:

  • Trilj – Split = 25 min,
  • Trilj – Omiš = 40 min,
  • Trilj – Makarska = 40 min,
  • Trilj – Trogir = 55 min,
  • Trilj – Dubrovnik = 3 h,
  • Trilj - Krka falls = 1 h.

The diversity of nature in the area of Trilj allows us to enjoy the various activities such as: rafting on the river Cetina, kayaking, hiking, walking, biking, horseback riding and fishing. If you are a true nature lover this region offers you countless opportunities to enjoy it.
Due to the excellent position and road connections the city of Trilj is within reach of the main touristic destinations of Dalmatia such as Brela, Baška Voda, Makarska (Makarska Riviera) where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches along with the city of Split, which offers countless cultural attractions.
Combine pleasure with benefit and visit our clinic that offers affordable dental services, and get back to your daily routine with a richer and more beautiful experience with a beautiful smile as a wonderful memory of our services the beauty this area provides.


Child and preventive dental medicine

Examinations, Hygiene advice, Sealing of fissures, Fluoridation

Conservative Dental Medicine

Restorations (fillings) of high quality materials, Treatment of root canals, Extraction of teeth

Aesthetic dental medicine

Aesthetic restoration, Teeth bleaching, Sandblasting teeth (removing brown deposits from the consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea, etc.)

Removable prosthetics

Complete dentures made of acrylic, Partial dentures made of metal and acrylic, Combined works of crowns and dentures, Telescope crowns

Fixed prosthetics

Crowns and bridges (metal - ceramic), Crowns and bridges (non-metal ceramics), Upgrades (metal, glass - ceramic), Making of provisional crowns and bridges


Cleaning of plaque and tartar, Professional teeth cleaning, Treatment of periodontal inflammation


The individual approach and complete services

The office is equipped with modern dental technology

with the use of the highest quality materials and the latest technology.

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